Special Olympics Summer games in St. Paul, MN

Prepare for the Olympic Summer Games in St. Paul

Gear up for your favorite summer Special Olympics sports like swimming, track and field, and basketball.

Benefits of staying active

3 Life Changing Benefits of Physical Activity for Disabled People

Three reasons to exercise regularly.

In this article, we will explore how kids with special needs can reap the physical, mental, and emotional benefits from participating in sports.

4 Powerful Benefits of Participating in sports

Reap the physical and mental benefits form participating in sports.

tHow You Can Become an Adaptive Athlete

How Your Child Can Become an Adaptive Athlete

Your child can be an athlete even after a physical disability or life-altering injury.

Adaptive and Unified sports are bringing athletes together

How your Child can Benefit from Adaptive and Unified Sports

Adaptive and Unified Sports are a great way to introduce your child to sports and competition.

4 Amazing Health Benefits Enjoyed by Cerebral Palsy Athletes

4 Amazing Health Benefits Enjoyed by Cerebral Palsy Athletes

Physical activities can be beneficial for children who have cerebral palsy.

4 Powerlifting Myths Busted

Powerlifting: can be for everyone

Try powerlifting, a sport for everybody.

6 Benefits of athletics for children with on the autism spectrum

6 Benefits of Athletics for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Just some of the many benefits to stay active with your child.