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coach andy loves POWERLIFTING

If you know Coach Andy, then you know his love for the sport of powerlifting. Among all the different styles of workouts, powerlifting is one of the inevitable ones in terms of benefits and intuitiveness. Powerlifting is done at some of the largest competitions around the world and is counted as one of the most defining exercises to enhance your health and strength. Powerlifting differs significantly from the traditional weightlifting you do in your gym. While you mostly see people doing higher repetitions during their weightlifting exercises, powerlifting is contrary to the exercise, as powerlifting is a sport where you need to lift as heavy as you possibly can. Powerlifting is also one of the fastest growing sports in Special Olympics. Coach Andy has been around this sport for many years and has recently coached an athlete to go on and win four gold medals and become a national champion at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games. Powerlifting is not just about strength though. Let’s jump into the benefits of powerlifting.




1. Builds Stronger Bones.

Powerlifting is a weight bearing exercise that is executed regularly to make muscles stronger. But while you are flexing those big muscles in the mirror, there is something else that is getting bigger that you probably never thought of. Along with bigger muscles, powerlifting reaps the benefits of bigger bones. Weight bearing exercises are exercises that put a ridiculous amount of weight on our joints and bones. Weight bearing workouts such as powerlifting, are very beneficial because like our muscles, they are not static. This means that like our muscles, our bones can grow in size and strength too. When you are performing any type of weight bearing exercise, it will force the osteoblasts in your bones to lay down new bone mass. The more involvement with powerlifting, the more osteoblasts will lay down which will lead to thicker, stronger, denser bones.

2. Builds Stronger and Bigger Muscles.

The strength of your muscles can grow aggressively when you commit to a powerlifting program. With powerlifting, over time your muscles will begin to tear. These are known as micro tears. With these tears, the muscle is actually getting damaged, causing the muscle to hurt. Think of a great leg day you had, where you could barely walk for the next three days. The muscles have stretched so much that they tear. But this is a powerlifters dream. To chase that little bit of discomfort, because then you know your session was a success. In order for our muscles to grow and get stronger, we have to break them down. Just like the saying, “It is going to get worse before it gets any better.”  Over time, these micro tears heal over with scar tissue or muscle tissue. This means that your muscles are getting bigger and stronger over time. The muscle stretches and tears and grows back stronger = the muscle stretches and tears again = the muscle grows back even stronger. Protein plays a determining role in making our muscles grow bigger and stronger after they have been damaged. Therefor it is critical that powerlifters get the right amount of protein in order for their muscles to grow back fast.

3. Weight Loss and Calorie Burn.

With powerlifting, we won’t just be burning calories (expending energy) while we are training, but also after while our muscles are recovering. This is achieved because when we are powerlifting, we are using the anaerobic energy system. This is the system used to produce energy when we need it quickly. These are movements that require us to produce force at a faster rate (sprinting). The heavier the weight = more energy needed = the more energy that is produced = more calories burned.

4. Increased Confidence.

Powerlifting can do wonders in terms of lifting up your confidence which is also considered to be one of the huge health benefits of the exercise. If you powerlift on a regular basis, it will surely make you feel more confident, hold you in greater repute, and boost your self-esteem. Coach Andy believes, “A strong person always feels more confident.”

5. Better Athleticism.

Powerlifting can help you run and jump better! The squat is a major part of powerlifting that swells the muscle power of your legs (especially, your calves and thighs). Plus, Stronger legs will come in handy for better balancing abilities because of having a more solid base to stand.

Exercise plays a crucial role in the daily life of every human being because of the strength, durability, flexibility, and shape it offers. When it comes to powerlifting, the above health benefits are the ones that should get you excited about a powerlifting adventure. A stronger core and better posture are also some key benefits that come with powerlifting. Lions United Fitness Center, headquarters to Coach Andy and some of the strongest powerlifters in Minnesota, offers a revolutionary powerlifting program that will safely make you bigger, stronger and faster.