Poly (Floor) Hockey: A Great Way To Stay Active In The Winter

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Poly (Floor) Hockey: A Great Way To Stay Active In The Winter

Once the Christmas and New Year’s holidays have passed, it feels like winter should be over as well. Instead, it drags on for another three or four months. It is so easy just to let your kids (and yourself) spend those months hibernating and binge-watching your favorite TV series with some pizza and popcorn no matter how unhealthy that is. If your child doesn’t enjoy outdoor winter sports like skiing, ice skating, sledding, or snowshoeing, it can be even harder to find an enticing reason to get off the couch.

What is Poly Hockey?

At Lions United Fitness, one of our favorite ways to keep active and have fun during the second half of winter doldrums is with poly (floor) hockey. We like that it has the same fast-paced, energetic team atmosphere of ice hockey yet it is easily played in a nice warm gym instead of on a cold hard ice rink.

Poly hockey is an adapted version of ice hockey. Poly hockey players use plastic sticks and a soft, poly plastic puck (hence the name poly hockey) but other than that the gameplay is very similar to standard ice hockey. There are six players on each team, and the entire game consists of three 9-minute periods.

Benefits of Poly Hockey

Sports should be not only fun and engaging but also healthy and educational. Poly hockey hits that perfect balance and is why so many of our players and their parents have come to enjoy the sport. Poly hockey players love the dynamic team-oriented gameplay. They have fun coming together and bonding with other players over a shared love of the sport. The co-ed team format of poly hockey teams makes the sport an ideal avenue for practicing social skills.

Parents appreciate the educational and health benefits. Poly hockey involves running back and forth throughout the game, so it naturally provides players with cardiovascular exercise. By training to hit the puck with the stick, players are refining and practicing their motor skills. As players advance and their basic skills improve, coaches can teach about anticipating where the puck will go when hit and how to intercept the puck from the other team. This is educational and stimulates the players’ minds as they challenge themselves to advance to the next level of gameplay.

Poly Hockey Competitions

If your child enjoys competitive team sports and is interested in competing at the highest levels, poly hockey may be an excellent choice. It is one of the official sports of the Special Olympics winter games.

We invite you and your child to come to see a poly hockey game for yourselves. Lions United will be at the Special Olympics Winter Games poly hockey competition held at the Stillwater High School on March 2nd and 3rd, 2019. We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you and your child may have about joining our poly hockey team.

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