functional fitness

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Functional Fitness focuses on movements that are performed naturally and often in our everyday lives. So, with functional fitness, Coach Andy incorporates these movements in a higher-intensity setting to strengthen the muscles used and help us move better in our daily activities. Functional Fitness can also be geared towards sports. If you’re football player, and you’re doing drills to work on agility and to get you down the field faster, that would be considered Functional Fitness.



1. Improved Daily Function

Functional fitness mimics how you move in everyday life, so you’ll naturally feel and move better in your day-to-day. Coach Andy illustrates, “it’s all about every day movement patterns.”  Precisely, functional training is built around bending and lifting (also called the hip hinge), lunging, pushing, pulling, and rotation.

Executing these movement patterns over and over again leads to neural adaptations, known as the mind-muscle connection. Coach Andy indicates, “The more often we perform a movement, the neural pathways become stronger. Our neural pathways “talk” to our muscles to help them work together to complete the movement more effectively.”

2. Improve Your Overall Fitness

Unlike machines we use at the gym like cable machines, chest press, or the hamstring curl which are considered isolation movements, functional exercises are compound movements. Meaning, they incorporate more than one joint. The more muscles that work throughout a movement, the more energy is expended. This helps us execute a more, time-efficient workout.

Functional fitness at higher intensities has also proven to enhance cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility more than traditional cardio because it recruits more muscles.

3. You Will Stay More Motivated

Coach Andy expresses, “You are more likely to stick with your program because functional fitness is goal oriented.” It doesn’t matter if you are working towards a better squat depth or being able to crawl on the ground to play with the dog. You are still working towards a goal.

4. You Will Be Less Prone to Injury

Injuries are often signs of muscular imbalances. With Coach Andy, you will be training your most common movement patterns. This will improve any muscular imbalances and make you less likely to get injured.