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"Our ambition is to enhance the lives of individuals of all abilities through fitness."

Welcome to Lions United Fitness Center. Don't forget to download your welcome packet. Inside you will find valuable information to help prepare you for your experience at Lions United.

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Each week, Lions United prepares various types of delicious smoothies. These are broadcasted live, so grab your blender and join in on the fun. You can find recipes from previous smoothies here.

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The 2022 Special Olympics USA Games were just held in Florida, and Team Minnesota made a statement. Coach Andy was with the powerlifters, and they did not disappoint. Meet the athletes here.

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are you ready to roar?

Come on in and discover what it is like to function at your true potential. It’s time to get you to that next level of greatness. All are welcome at Lions United, but Coach Andy has a special kind of vision. Coach Andy centers his attention around all of the superheroes in the community. These are heroes with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, TBI, and other physical and intellectual disabilities. For many who join Lions United, this is their outlet. Lions United is a safe place where people of all abilities can come and be their true selves. Lions United is a place where people can grow, a place where they socialize, a place where they can learn, and a place where they can ROAR! Beyond the walls of Lions United, these brave individuals may be wearing different labels because of the way they walk, talk, and act, but at Lions United, inclusion is something that is demonstrated every day. Everyone is treated the same, like a professional athlete. Disabilities are left at the door here. They simply do not exist here. Lions United is a place where people come to get better. Period! It isn’t just about working out at Lions United. We are preparing for the battle, called life. Coach Andy has a philosophy, that the life inside the gym can significantly improve the life outside the gym. From the many different coaching programs Coach Andy offers, it doesn’t stop there. Motivation, encouragement, leadership, courage, following directions, sportsmanship, following a plan, dedication, sportsmanship, gratitude, and confidence are just a few traits that Coach Andy empowers to his lions.