4 Life-Changing Benefits of Swimming for Kids

Stock up on the sunscreen and get those shorts ready – summer is on its way!

Are you on the lookout for a summer sport for your child join?

Do you want to introduce your child to an activity that supports his/her health and wellness while also teaching important life skills?

Perhaps you envision this sport being one that your whole family can participate in and share.

Have you considered the benefits of swimming? Swimming is likely already an activity that your whole family enjoys, and swimming as a sport can supplement and augment the benefits of recreational pool or beach time.

Swimming promotes physical health and wellness

The beauty of swimming is that it provides a buoyant environment that helps to support your child’s body. The water takes gravity’s pressure off of painful joints and muscles and sets them up for low-impact exercise. In the water, your child can experience a sense of physical freedom and comfort along with working towards an improved range of motion and coordination.

Over time, swimming builds core strength and improved muscle tone. Each type of swimming stroke works and stretches different muscle groupings. Flexibility in these muscles improves incrementally and naturally the more your child practices.

Swimming encourages social interactions

A key component of athletics is the sense of camaraderie that develops between those with a shared passion for a sport. Swimming lessons offer an opportunity for your child to meet other kids who also enjoy athletics. Training together and encouraging one another forges a bond that carries forward into other areas of life. It also builds the confidence that will allow your child to establish other friendships throughout life.

Swimming offers an opportunity for healthy competition

Does your child enjoy training for a goal and the sense of accomplishment that comes from rising to meet a challenge? Swimming can be a competitive sport as well as a recreational one, and it is one of the official sports of both the Special Olympics and Paralympics summer games.

If your child is interested in learning more about the possibilities of participating in competitive swim meets, we would love the opportunity to work with him/her and develop a personalized training program. Coach Andy has over 15 years of experience training Special Olympics athletes. During a free consultation, he will get to know your child and understand their goals so he can customize a training program that is right for them.

Swimming teaches a potentially life-saving skill

Drowning is a danger for everyone, and certain segments of the special needs population are particularly at risk. Research conducted by the National Autism Association found that accidental drowning was responsible for a sobering 91% of deaths in children under the age of 14 who are on the Autism spectrum and have wandered off.