4 Benefits of Eating at Home VS Going Out

Our daily lives are busier then ever, but we should still take time to prepare healthy meals.

Eating Home instead of Eating Out

Our lives are insanely busy, and it seems like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. We have kids to pick up, and that project that’s due by the end of the week, and don’t forget about Rover’s appointment at the vet!

With so much on your plate, it may seem like a good idea to run by your favorite fast food drive-thru instead of taking time to cook dinner.

Before you grab your car keys and decide whether you want a large fry with that, here are a few benefits of eating at home that might have you heading to the market instead of the drive-thru.

Eating at Home is Healthier

When you go out to eat, you may not know what is in your food. It could contain chemicals, dyes or fats. It is less likely to contain the quality nutrients that your body needs and gets from superfoods.  Additionally, you determine your portion size, and here in America, restaurants tend to give twice the standard portion size.

When eating at home, you know what’s in your meal because you cooked it. A second thing to keep in mind is that at home, YOU control the portion size and in this way can better avoid overeating.

Food Sensitivities

Many families have special needs when dining.  Whether it be a gluten sensitivity, a nut allergy, or simply a need to focus on low carb options, finding a restaurant that meets your specific needs can be difficult and expensive. Eating in is another way to mitigate these logistical complications.

Eating at Home Saves you Money

How much did it cost the last time your family went out to eat? $30, $60, $75? Of course, the cost varies based on where you choose to eat and your family size, but regardless, that’s a lot of money for just one meal.

Now imagine what you could get for that same amount of money at the grocery store. You could likely get enough ingredients to several meals for the whole family. Are you thinking that making meals can be expensive too? There are many ways you can shop on budget and get the most out of your food and time.

Cooking and Eating at Home Can Become a Shared Family Activity

Maybe you think that this all sounds well and good, you would rather spend the little free time that you do have you do have with your spouse and children not cooped up in the kitchen alone.

Why not make cooking a shared family activity? Not only will you be spending quality time with your loved ones, but you’ll also be teaching them a valuable skill.  Creating a family activity will allow them to gain confidence in the kitchen and set them up for success when they transition to life outside your home.

If you or your family members don’t have much patience in the kitchen, choose recipes that allow you to prepare a meal that is fun, fast, and most importantly, delicious. Bon apétit!

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