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ALL are welcome here at Lions United, but Coach Andy has a special kind of vision. Coach Andy centers his focus around individuals with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and other physical and intellectual disabilities. For many Lions that join the fitness center, this is their outlet. Lions United is the one place where our athletes can come and actually be themselves. This is a place where they can grow, a place they can socialize, a place where they can learn, and a place where they can ROAR! Outside of Lions United, these brave athletes may be wearing many different labels because of the way they walk, talk, and act, but a Lions United, each and every PERSON that comes through the door is treated like a professional athlete. Disabilities are left at the door. They simply do not exist here. We are a place where individuals come to get better. Period! We are preparing our Lions for battle. Coach Andy has a philosophy, that the life inside of a gym can dramatically improve the life outside of the gym. From the many different training programs that Coach Andy offers, it doesn’t stop there. Motivation, encouragement, leadership, courage, following directions, sportsmanship, gratitude, and confidence are just a few traits that Coach Andy passes off to his Lions.

 So Join Our Pride. We’ll ROAR with you!


The best home workout that you haven’t seen yet.  Just as the title says, this program is executed 100% by supersets.  Learn what Time Under Tension really means, and how to execute properly for maximum results.  Roaring Supersets helps athletes to improve their form, enhance weaker areas, master the mind/muscle connection, achieve maximum muscle growth, achieve maximum strength.


Classes are offered across an extensive library of 10 different collections; Yoga, Meditation, Stretch, Breathe, Pilates, Cardio, Fight, Strength, Barre and Dance.  We specialize in 5, 10, 20 and 30 minute classes to break down time barriers for both the participants and the facilities offering the classes.


Classes are designed personally by Built On Bravery’s, Coach Andy throughout an extensive library of programs consisting of weight loss, weight gain, sport-specific training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, core strength, sensory exercises, vestibular training, proprioception exercises, motor planning skills, superhero training, functional fitness, and nutritional coaching.


Coach Andy, of Built on Bravery, brings his 15 years of knowledge working with adaptive athletes over to Lions United Fitness Center.  Coach Andy delivers many programs, including weight loss, weight gain, sport-specific training, bodybuilding, powerlifting, core strength, sensory exercises, vestibular exercises, proprioception training, motor planning skills, superhero training, and nutritional coaching.  Every program can be executed in a 1:1 personal training session, 1:1 zoom session, small group classes, group zoom classes, curbside fitness, and with our video on demand packages.


I love the atmosphere at Lions United Fitness Center! Every time I walk in, I feel a sense of community and support that makes my day better. I love working out in a space that’s truly inclusive, and that celebrates health and well-being for absolutely everyone. Unlike some other spaces, Lions United really focuses on building strength and relationships. Plus, the facility is brand new, and equipped for all types of training and workouts. The best part of Lions United? Everyone is having fun while they work out! I love hearing other athletes celebrate when they reach a goal or hit a milestone. It inspires me to continue to work hard and celebrate my successes, too!

Emily GebauerMinnesota

Andy has transformed my son from a strong young man to a Gold Medal Athlete who now has hopes of going to National Tournaments. Dan beat his own personal best records from last year and was top in the state for Squats. Dan is now taking his health seriously because he wants to be the best!!! Thanks Andy and all the other coaches he’s had.

Donna B.St. Paul, MN
Step up for Down Syndrome
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